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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Book Smart- Books price comparison for India market

Released pre beta version of books prices comparison app on Android app store. Got few good suggestions also from users and hope to update the app with some of them by today (that would be very fast). Doing service launch gives you lot many learning about the market, UI, user etc. than working in isolation to build so called best product/service. We have many more scheduled release on the same line for books and other categories on multiple platform. It also give a very good and relevant feedback to the team, excitement of releasing an app and in the end fun + satisfaction.

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Monday, March 14, 2011

OJAS party

Sunny day today but it was a good fun at OJAS portfolio companies party at Confident groups resort on Bangalore outskirts (Bannerghatta road). Though Mango is not in the their portfolio now but Rajesh and Pavan are kind enough to invite us for the get together. Good to know the growing and diverse portfolio at Ojas (video algos, banner ads, campus connect etc. domain)


Thursday, March 10, 2011

Zynga growing in Bangalore

Interesting to see that companies like Zynga who have built popular games on social platforms like Cityville, Farmville etc. They plan to open a complete game studio and they would be focussing on creative conceptualization from this studio, it's good for the overall SW product industry here and it shows that we are growing in value chain.

AppData, a US based entity that tracks the traffic on social networking platforms says 92.9 million active users spend a considerable time playing Zynga’s latest game, Cityville. Farmville still remains to be a considerable favorite with over 49.6 million active users owning virtual farmlands.

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Tablet PC/Pad's

After seeing iPAD2 demo video, i'm more than convinced that everyone else is fighting for number 3 and beyond slots.
No. 1: iPAD2,
N0.2: iPAD1

Haven't seen any tablet PC yet which is better than iPAD1 (not in terms of useless specs but what matters to the end user). Few killer features for me are user experience, battery life, instant on speed (no lag), and access to so many apps...

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Angry Birds Maker Rovio Raises $42 Million

Wow...Currently, Angry Birds is played by 40 million monthly active users. The company has 50 employees and raising $42 Million.

more at

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Reasons to get stuck on Qt: a baker’s dozen

Nokia is giving so many reasons to developers to stick to QT but they themselves are not sticking to it, why ask developer?

below are the 13 reasons on official nokia blog site.

new ventures in MNC ecosystems round table

Interesting discussion at the Round Table Discussion on How do new ventures in MNC ecosystems proactively overcome interfirm asymmetries? at IIMB.

1. Mr Sunil Maheshwari, Co-founder, Mango Technologies
2. Mr Srini Rajam, Chairman and CEO, Ittiam Systems
3. Mr Sanjay Shah, MD, Invensys Skelta
4. Mr T.K. Srikanth, VP, Sasken
Anchors: Prof Shameen Prashantham, University of Glasgow and Prof K Kumar, IIMB

Since this is an event which is eventually geared towards publication, there were small invited audience of other faculty, observers and students.

Great learning for myself from other's experience.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Smart phone sales up but overall handset sales down

According to Gartner Worldwide Mobile Phone Sales Declined 8.6 Per Cent and Smartphones Grew 12.7 PerCent in First Quarter of 2009.

Few key points: Nokia's sales declining but interestingly Blackberry and Apple is growing very fast.

Now again Motorola is trying to catchup with others and trying to regain the lost glowry!

Monday, May 11, 2009

>80 and going strong

Yesterday I watched two old man, one on TV and another one live performing in Bangalore.

First one is LK Advani, BJP's prime ministerial candidate, he is 81 years old and the way he was giving his speech at the NDA rally in Punjab, it was great. Almost from last 2 months he is traveling expensively across India, giving multiple speeches, taking flights and reaching to the new destination.

Second one is Manna Dey, the great Bollywood  singer, he is in his 91st years. He was giving live performance in Bangalore and almost sang for more than 2 hours, his team was much younger than him (must be in their 30s or 40s) but they asked for a break in between not him. Amazing stuff.

How do they get this kind of energy and enthusiasm in whatever they do? If i just look around with people in their 20s and 30s, i don't find the same zeal to get going. Where is the vigor or spark? Can we take 2hrs flight in the morning, attend one meeting, again take a flight for another place, attend one more meeting, return to your home and come back fresh the next morning to office?

Are we just doing something because we have to do it to earn our livelihood? Where is the creativity? Where is the emotional connection with what we are doing?

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Saturday, May 09, 2009

Smart phone OS-Continue

Smart phone OS list:
Symbian, IPhone, Blackberry, Android, BMP (BREW Mobile Platform from Qualcomm), Win Mobile, QT, LIMO.....

Nokia is desperately searching next killer thing for the emerging market, recently they started testing Nokia Life Tools, which is nothing but few pre-embedded apps with services flavour.

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Friday, May 08, 2009

Where is the industry moving?

Are we becoming more and more fragmented in the mobile phone software world?

People started consolidating towards 1 or 2 smart phone OS world and there you get IPhone and Android and complicated the whole world with their differentiated offerings. We used to think that all smart phone development would move towards Symbian but looks like Nokia's acquition has changed the game here.

Apple has shown that good usable phone and option to user so they can choose what they need on their personal phone.

I was thinking and discussing with guys in my organization that what could be interesting for end users, developers and telcos to add in to the low cost device?

Various things came during the discussion localized UI, location based apps, local search, gaming, news, dynamic idle screen, advertising, mobile banking etc. but all of these things are making things more complicated. 

Innovative UI and option to user so they can choose what they want. That could be the killer on your low cost device.

What is the defination of an innovative UI? Will try to discover more as my discussion progresses.

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